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I’m just weird when it comes to affection and being affectionate..



tip: When you’re at an airport, add “?.jpg” at the end of any URL to bypass the expensive WiFi and access the Internet for free.




this is haphazardly swimming around at sand harbor in lake tahoe - i forgot goggles so to see underwater I had to gaze through the eyepiece of the housing - a very vulnerable and disconcerting feeling. all the boulders beneath (which are sheer granite) felt like ominous lake monsters flocking beneath me


Spent my summers there

Good afternoon 🌞

this might be my favorite gif


What inspired you to make Brenda’s Got A Baby?
"I was reading the New York Post when I was doing the movie Juice and it was this story - it started out to be this big story about this family who died because they didn’t have heat and they left the gas on. Everybody died except for this girl who moved in with her cousin. (Second cousin.) She started dating her second cousin. He got her pregnant. Nobody knew that she was pregnant, and I was like "dag!" And it was over a week, but the story kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. And I was like, "This is very important. More important than Juice, to me! It was a bigger story than Juice!
And right now, nobody talks about that. No young black male… No black males talk about black females like we should. We need to take more responsibilities for our sisters because if we don’t, who will? Because if you look at it now, black females are held lower of the totem pole than anybody." (1992)

Tupac Was Trying To Teach Us Something.. But Some Will Never Really Get It

Reblogging again because I’m sure there’s still someone who needs this message …. Strike that I know.


Sphaerodactylus nicholsi, one of the smallest geckos in the planet. (x)

This is amazing. Look how small it is. It has a heart and a stomach and a brain. And it’s this small